Friday, January 14, 2011

Corbin Ender has arrived! (Update as of 1.14.11)

While there is a wonderful story to tell about the arrival of Mr. Corbin that will need to wait for another day. But, in a nutshell it was beautiful. There were some...interesting aspects of the day but it was just filled with so much amazement and was awe inspiring.

He was born via c-section at 8:32 am on a very snowy but rain soaked day. He was a chunky 7lbs 3oz and a respectable 19.25" tall.

I really wanted to write this very sleepy post to update everyone on what is happening to our little guy. But to do so I will just fill y'all in from the beginning. It makes where is is now sound that much better!

Corbin was born about four weeks early. Hence making him a late term premie. When he was born he was left with some fluid in his lungs. Since he did not get the big squeeze at birth this is always a risk no matter when a baby is born via c-section. So, they took him to the nursery to super what was happening. They did a chest x-ray to take a look. And sure enough, there was a lot of fluid in there. So, he was put on some oxygen to help him out. Right away he was on 100% oxygen with a forced flow of 2 liters. then they tested his blood sugar and it was low. So, they cup fed him some formula to get that number up. After they fed him and tested again, it was fine and dandy.

While they were watching him they observed that he was "grunting and flaring". What that means is he was making grunting noises and flaring his tiny little nose. What that told the nursery team is that he was having trouble breathing. So, all this adds up to little baby Corbin needing so help.

Later on during his birthday they also noticed his respiration rate was a bit too high. So they inserted an IV in this hand to be able to feed him without having to worry about him aspirating any food we would attempt to give him. So that has taken a ton of pressure off of my shoulders about breastfeeding him.

So, the following day Corbin was weaned down to room air (21% oxygen level). He was still having 2L forced though. He still had his IV and his respiration rate was improving. YAY! Later that day (1.13.11) the doctor moved down the forced air rate to 1.5 and he tolerated that pretty well. However his respiration rate was back up a bit too high. So, we we had to wait to attempt to start breast feeding.

Anyway, I could fill you guys in on every little detail but that is boring and to be quite honest my brain is a bit fuzzy from the drugs. So, I will just tell you were we are at right now.

As of 11pm on Friday:
His o2 levels are great!
His respiration rate is still inconsistent but seems to be improving.
His lungs showed improvement after getting a second chest x-ray this afternoon
He still has the IV in his hand but he had two really great feeds today. So that is really encouraging.
I has been discharged from the hospital today. However, I am officially a Boarder here so I get to stick around until Corbin gets released to they need my room.

What Corbin needs to do to be able to be released from the nursery:
Maintain his u2 levels on room air with no tube thing on his noise forcing air in.
Lower is respiration rate to normal and then stay there.
Start feeding himself via formula or breast and then remove the IV from his hand.

That all sounds so easy! So, tomorrow I hope will be a really great day! The doctor told us that at this point it is a waiting game. Most likely the lungs are just a bit under developed. That coupled with the extra fluid there at birth was just a bit too much for our little guy. The doc also said that this should not impact him health wise in the future. So, he will not be at a higher risk for asthma or lung issues.

Ok, now I am literally falling asleep in front of the iPad. So, this might be a good point to end.

On one really happy note, this little guy (I think) is going to have my eyes! Brown. And. Gorgeous!

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have a question. Or leave a comment.

Thanks for all the love! It has really helped me get through this.

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Dayna said...

He is beautiful! Congratulations!