Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fa La La

Feel that magic! It is really amazing what happens when that crazy date of December 25th approaches. This is really the first year that the magic of the season filtered itself into our life. Well, maybe not the first time, but certainly since I have been an adult. Preparing for the craziness that Christmas brings brought it's own challenges while being pregnant and randomly immobile. But, the joy that the season creates in the little ones is truly magic. MAGIC!

I know that Isabelle really is just starting to understand the world so I know that she really did not understand who Santa is or what all the presents are all about. But...Devon sure did! Building the excitement for weeks was just as much fun as the morning after Santa arrived. I think the cutest thing that I learned from Devon this year is that Santa travels in a fire engine.

Between the classic Christmas shows that captured the hearts of the kids and the milk and cookies that just seem to be everywhere, we have tried to embrace the spirit in every way.

These hats arrived in the mail and I had to attempt (in vain as it turns out) once again for a Christmas picture that really captures the unique and precious beings that I love.

Yep, some were better than others...

Devon just rocked that cute hat every which way!

One of the things on my New Years list is to really learn how to take pictures! I hate being limited in any way with my camera.

Since we live in such a rural area, we really can't walk around the neighbor hood to see the lights. Well, I guess we could, but that would be one long night. So, when we got a great tip of his crazy house that goes all out for Christmas, we had to see it. We had a break in the weather and packed up the kids in the car and headed out.

And let me say we were not disappointed one bit.

The wonder and awe were in great force that night.

Having thrown our share of events for the public's enjoyment this was really nice to be on the receiving end for one.  I really appreciated how much work and love when into this display.  And, we were totally walking on this persons front lawn.  It was really nice.

This was actually one of Devon's favorite area even though he looks bored out of his skull. It was filled with a little train and a hip swiveling Santa. This little man is so addicted to trains.  I have recently decided to embrace this love of his...even the Thomas ones!  Oiy!  Yes, that was hard and I am working on it every day. 

If you look close you can see the rain dappled coat. It was really coming down pretty hard by the time we left.

And this was only the front lawn...you got to walk through the archway and into the side/back of their house.  WOW!  Total Christmas overload!
Of course Scott and I were totally thinking about how we could create this madness for our clan.

Christmas morning was finally here. With presents neatly wrapped and stacked, the kids got up. The magic was finally going to become real for them..

And magical it was! The excitement and joy and laughter was just so real and infectious. It was so great!

Grandma Papa sent this wonderfully decorated gift! 

Cheesy smiles and all!

Isabelle was even getting in on the excitement when she discovered a gift that was way under the tree that needed to be unwrapped! So cute!

Anything with wheels was a HUGE hit! 

The head lamps were a different story.  Izzy really understood how to point her head and make the light beam shine but got bored quite quickly.  Maybe while camping this might be more fun?

All in all, this was such a great day. Great on so many levels! Great because it really invigorated me for the future. Great because there was so much to learn about where magic comes from. Great because of the joy it brought to both Scott and myself and especially the kids. Great because I got to feel kicks all day long from #3. Great because we were in pjs all day long. Great because we got to be a family for an entire day without any work interrupting the joy. Great because it was just plain...great.

I hope your Christmas was as great as ours!

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