Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Corbin update 1.18.11

We are still here. In Silverdale. At Harrison. In the hospital. Just in case you were curious where I meant. Things are back on the upswing. Little baby Corbin has been under the lights all day. He will graduate to normal light at midnight! Less than four hours away. I am totally stoked. This morning he had another bilirubin test and his numbers were down. So, the doctor decided to keep him on the lights one more day to lower those numbers even more. The lights will extinguish at midnight and then six hours later he will have another blood draw to see if this number rebounded higher. So, we should know by morning what progress he made.

Then the next thing that needs to happen is he needs to be weaned off of the baby warmer. Currently he has it set to 25% heat since he is sitting in his diaper for the bili light. So, our hope is that after he is off the light and dressed the heater can be slowly be turned down. If he maintains his heat, we might be kicked out.

On a personal note, I had a great day. Grandma and Grandpa drove the kids up to the hospital for a visit today. I attempted to run back to the room but ouch...breast feeding hurts in so many ways! LOL. So, we all loaded into the car and went to a park and out to lunch for hamburgers. It was so great to see these kids. I missed them so much. I am going to have to bottle this feeling so when Izzy starts painting yogurt onto the window or when Devon does not share his toys I can just pull out this bottle and smile.

Grandpa and grandma have been such a great help this past week. They have totally been watching the kids and doing everything. I can't even begin to imagine how much more stressed I would have been if they were not here. Thanks!

So, here we sit waiting for our little guy to wake up again to feed. We are about to turn on a movie and try to chill out just a little bit. Wish us luck in the morning!

Oh, and I know we have been at the hospital too long when when I even know the housekeeper. It is so time to get outta here.

Have a great night!

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