Monday, January 17, 2011

Corbin update 1.17.11

Seriously! I thought we would be home at this point...but we are still here. In the hospital. Without my baby. Without my other babies. Blurgh! I am so over this in so many ways.

Ok, here is the scoop. This morning we had three hurdles to get over before we left.

1. Pass the car seat test. DONE and done! No issues whatsoever.

2. Draw blood to check the bilirubin levels. Well, the first test came back borderline. So, the pediatrician said to wait a few hours and retest to see if the levels were falling or rising. Well, sadly, they were more elevated. Ahhhhhhhh! In the morning, the level was 15 and later in the day they were 15.6. However he had one massive poop right after the test so I really hope that will help with those numbers. And now my little nugget is under the damn blue light. I know it is the best thing for him, but ya know! I really wanted to be home right about now. So, our plan for this is to feed, feed, and feed him. Actually I am not only breast feeing him I am also doing a supplement of some breast milk after his feed. So, I hope that this will poop out all of the yucky yellow junk and we can cross this off the list.

3. His core temperature. He just seems that he can not keep it high enough without the additional radiant heat. It is a low setting, but it is still on a setting. This hurdles a weird and tricky one. I don't think my doctor thinks he needs to be on it but the some of the nurses think he does. So it is a matter of opinion right now in my eyes. I really wish they would just do a rectal temp to truly get an accurate one so that there is no more question about if his pits were cold or not. But, I guess we just need to be calm and wait this out. Obviously I want a child who comes home and never had to be back in the hospital. So waiting is what we will do.

While I am massively disappointed today about what went down, I know it is for the best. Scott made the trip back home today to visit with the kids and put them to bed. I almost went but I really thought I needed to be here with our little guy. The thought of missing one of his feedings was a bit too much for me. So, here I stay. Awaiting the return and the fun stories.

Hopefully in the morning I will know more. Have a good night and kiss those babies for me!

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