Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tree hunting 2010

We were just so lucky! So, so lucky! The original day we planned to go I chickened out at the last minute. It entailed a few phone calls to Scott saying we were going and then five minutes later calling to change my mind. We ended up waiting for fear of Izzy-zilla and her destructive ways. So, needless to say we were thrilled when Friday came and the weather was stunningly beautiful!

This is what we *had* to travel by on our way to the tree farm.

Did I mention ever I absolutely love where we live! (Sorry Mom)

The moment we drove into the farm, I knew we were going to find my perfect tree. The tree I have dreamed about getting for years and years.

The branches and the needles were perfect and shapes were really unique. I doubt I will ever be happy with a store bought live tree again. That is how much i love our tree.

Ok, enough about me! The kids were somewhat excited as well. I think from their point of view it was a bit different experience fir them.

Devon kept stepping on the trees and then saying "Sorry tree". It was a fun game for him. Then it got expanded to rocks, twigs, branches and grass.

The both of them totally kept up with us for the most part. However, the lower branches were covered in dew/rain droplets which both Scott and I did not even notice. However, Devon did.

A mini tantrum followed. It was kind of cute actually. I asked him after a few minutes if he was done crying and he begrudgingly said yes.

We knew the time clock was ticking. So, we found the perfect tree!

And Scott started chopping. Well, sawing...

And Devon helped out carrying it off to the car.

Well, with the help of Izzy as well.

It was such a joy having so much fun with the kids. Heck, I felt like a kid while we were there! Of course I got away with doing very little actual work.

It was clearly a wonderful time for the family. It is activities like this that I dreamed about before our kids were born. I just love our little family so much!

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