Monday, March 1, 2010

Isabelle Leelu is 10 months old today!

Another month has ticked by and all the days were marked off.  And by the end of the month, my little baby girl grew up.  To be exact, she grew a whole other month.  I know this past month was only 28 days, but they really seemed to FLY this month.  My little girl is a crawling machine!  She is literally crawling out of the house.  OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Well, we need to leave the door open for her to make it out side, so it is not an everyday occurrence.  So, if being a crawling machine is not enough, she is now standing up with ease, cruising the furniture, sitting up on her own, having a controlled "fall" down on her tush, cruising from couch to table and most importantly fearless.  This all happened in the short 28 days of February.  My little bold chicy monkey is going to be off to college next time I blink.

So, my favorite thing that Izzy is doing lately is laughing hysterically when you tickle her.  It just cracks me up every single time.  All of her darling fat rolls are slowly melting away.  Her ankles almost look like they don't have rubber bands around them anymore!  YEAH!  I think I am going to miss all of those lovely chunks.

Devon is doing great!  After last month and having the flu, he has happily recovered.  I think he got the worse case here.  But, like I said, he is doing great.  He is talking up a storm now.  "No way!" is his newest and cutest phrase he likes to say.  And, it is usually in the right context.  It is really hard not to chuckle.  

The other night after brushing his teeth before bed, I picked him up off the counter and was going to take him into the bedroom.  Well, I guess I got a bit too close to the door jamb because his head went SMACK!  Instantly his hand went to the spot and he looked at me with a quizzical face and said "careful!"  Again, I could not hold it in and we just both laughed and laughed.  (FYI, he was not hurt at all, it was just a love tap from the door jamb)

Isabelle's big round eyes are go precious.  Her eyelashes are something to be envied.  Ever since she has become more mobile, her attitude and level of calmness has increased in a very positive way.  I think she was just so frustrated that she could not get or go where she wanted.  I can't wait for her to start walking. 

Devon is the boy of 1000 faces!  He has so many expressions that are so unique and different.  It is really neat to see him express his emotions.  Well, most of the time.  Especially when those emotions are NOT related to tantrums.  

Isabelle is so curious about everything.  She is always wanting to hold and examine new things.  But mostly, she just loves to see what her big brother is doing.  I keep saying it is so good that my kids were born in the birth order that they were.  Even though it would have been easier for me to Isabelle (the fussy and most outspoken one) first, she would have been so bored.  She really loves to see what Devon is doing and is always getting into the mix of things.  


Ali said...

oh my gosh where does the time go!?!?! I can't believe that she is already 10 months old!

I love your new blog, and the pics :) keep em' coming!

Tina said...

sweet babies...awesome pics. thanks for stopping by my blog..merlon is going to write his side of the story soon...should be good...stay tuned.