Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bubbly Bubbles

While we wait anxiously for daddy to arrive home from Arizona, I thought it would be fun add some very scrumptious photos to the blog of what else...the kids!  These were from a week ago.

It seems that bath time is one of their favorite night time activities.  So, as a good mom, I indulge them.  If I was a really a good mom, I would let them have a bath every SINGLE night, but alas I am not that good of a mom.  So, they need to settle for every other day.  In order to make bath time that much more fun, I added some bubbles!  I envisioned Devon picking up a handful and blowing them across the room or even him making a bubble mountain.  Did any of that!  The moment I put him in the tub filled with the luscious bubbles, he instantly picked up his bubble covered hands and said "Yucky!"  Then he proceeded to try to flap his hands to get all the offending bubbles off.  Needless to say, my hopes of a movie time bath were dashed.  

However after a few minutes of understanding what bubbles are and how to "deal" with them, he was really starting to dig it!

He really started to enjoy it!  No toys were needed that night!  Quickly, Isabelle joined in on the fun.  She just loves everything.  The moment I placed her bottom in the tub she instantly started eating the bubbles!

A girl after my own heart.  I remember vividly taking a bubble bath with Mary (of course) and not only tasting the bubbles, but actually eating handfuls of them.  I have no idea what the heck was my problem?   There was no surprise that she wanted to "eat" all the foamy goodness!  This little chunker loves her food.

Devon on the other hand love love loves to drink the bath water.  Like, every chance he gets he is gulping down jug full after jug full.  Aside from being tremendously cute, it is naughty and slightly gross.  I mean, I am sure there is pee in the water!  EWWWW

My absolute favorite time is the snuggle with the warm dry towel after bath time is done.  It is the best and most wonderful hug I get all day.  That one thing always makes me feel like a mom.  The added bonus of that is seeing Isabelle's beautiful and long eyelashes.  

After evacuating Devon from the tub, I wanted to rinse him off since he was covered in bubbles.  So, like hosing off an elephant, I got the shower sprayer and made sure it was the appropriate temperature and started de-bubbling him.  He instantly started to cry.  So, I made it quick and took him out.  Then he started to say "Tickled, Tickled!"  Who know my little man would be so sensitive?

Not my best camera work...I had the wrong setting for light on my camera and all the pics were orange-y.  So therefore I changed them all to B&W so they would not look soooo horrible.

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