Thursday, March 11, 2010

I swear I don't have Blog-fade! REALLY!!

I could very easily just post pictures that were taken a few weeks ago of the kids and pass them off as "new".  HAHAHA  I guess in the whole grand scheme of their lives, a few weeks is just a blink of an eye. But, with my new lens, I look back at those old photos with a much more critical eye.  So, I am left with why I just can't post new pictures of the kids here and now.  I am certainly taking enough of them.  Well, I recently looked at my iPhoto (my photo software where I store my photos and do a small amount of editing) and realized that I have 90.3 GB of pictures saved to my computer!  OMG!!  NINETY GIGABYTES!  That works out to over 20,000 photos.  OK, I know that is not totally crazy high, but they are stored on my computer and very recently my computer is acting really weird.  Like slow and lazy.  So, of course I am paranoid that my lovely iMac is going to crash and leave me with nothing all the while laughing at me for not backing my stuff up.

So, that leads me to my current mission.  To have a secondary back up of my photos.  I have them on an external hard drive currently.  But, that is just not enough.  So, I recently ordered archival gold DVDs to save all of the baby love handles and toothy smiles for all of time.  I need to work all of that organizing my old photos, burning them to CD and then taking the leap of faith and erasing them off of my computer.  EEEK!  That just seems like loads of work and decision making.  But, I am committed to getting this done as soon as possible.  Well, in between my work and junk.   

I will just leave you with this.  Devon has an un-natural love for the UPS truck.  Every single day we need to look out into the carport to see if the UPS truck is there.  EVERY DAY!  I bet we could look up to 10 times a day, but I limit it to once.  Every time I hear the tell tale rumble of the truck pulling up into the drive way, I scoop up Devon to say hello to Ole, the UPS guy.  Ole is the greatest.  He always take the time to give Devon "knucks" and say hello.  He also got Devon his most favorite toy to date... a little toy UPS truck.  Jeesh!  We know what he is going to be for Halloween this year!  

As for Isabelle, she has found the cat's water bowl.  To be more specific, she has to be covered in the water of the bowl.  If that was not enough, she then crawls through the water to get drenched.  All the while I have no idea what is happening until she starts to cry moments later since she is dripping wet.  The last three nights she has been in her PJs at dinner due to her curiosity.  

So here are a few pictures to tide you over until I get my tush in gear and start slimming down my computer.

This was about three weeks ago when the weather was just lovely outside.  So lovely in fact that all of the spring blooming flowers were is starting to pop all over the yard.  I know I used this photo already of the flower, but I just love it next to Devon's soft face.

 When this sweet little girl looks up at you with those huge saucer-like eyes, your heart can't do anything but melt.  I love what she has on.  A nice combination of my sister (Mary) and sister-in-law (Kristin) awesome generosity with the clothes they let me use for both kids.  I thank the gods of cotton every morning that I was the last one to have kids...well maybe not the last one, but I certainly had well timed kids...more specifically well timed and well timed gendered kids.  
Rusty old chicken wire?  Could anything be more wonderful!  I love how Devon's had is casting a crisp shadow on the metal tub beyond the fence. 
This is the most recent photos of Izzy.  This was from a week ago when Scott was in Arizona.  Her first time outside when she was crawling.  Oh the grass stains we are going to have!  YEAH!!!  Sadly the ground was a bit sodden so crawling was strictly controlled by the task master...ME!!!  However, as you can tell, smiles abounded that day!


Kimberly said...

I NEED YOUR CAMERA! What kind is it again??

Jeanne said...

Ha Ha Ha! I am using a Canon Rebel X1i for most of my pics. (The set of Izzy on the polka dot blanket was with my Canon point and shoot) I did just upgrade to a new lens for the DSLR. It was a 50mm 1.4f. LOVE IT!!!