Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is this too close?

Well, Izzy has become such a climber. And an innovative climber. That mixed with her fearless attitude is really not a good combination. (OK, secretly I am thrilled that she is so bold but it makes my heart shake when she is teetering on the edge of pain.) She will move a toy car to a low table and use that as a step. She has even been spotted using a ball as a step??? And what does she do at this new high level....



My motherly instinct tells me that this might be too close?  And yes, they are watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  My favorite booty shaking show for Izzy.  (That reminds me...need to video that!)

Isabelle is truly fearless.  She usually just runs.  Runs off the edge of the newly poured concrete driveway.  Runs away from mama.  Runs once she hits the pavement of a parking lot.  Because she can't really step down stairs in a normal way, she thinks that if she runs off the edge her momentum will just carry her to her next step.  SCARY!

The difference between the two kids is kind of amazing.  A year ago, Devon was afraid of grass.  Today Izzy literally reached out to a strange man yesterday (someone I knew but she never met) to be held.  And she was a happy camper.

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